Artwork submission specifications

Always supply 2 PDF files

Print-ready files can only be supplied as PDF files (version 1.3).
NOTE: We do not accept JPG or Word format documents.

We always require 2 PDF files; 1 PDF for the cover and 1 PDF for the inner pages.
Cover PDF – must be set and supplied as spreads (2 pages, front and back, sitting alongside one another)
Inner pages PDF – must be set and supplied as single pages (not spreads, where 2 pages sit next to one another).
A template for the cover is available in our downloads section on this page.

Keep 4-page sections in mind

The total number of pages for the inside should always be divisible by 4.
More info about sections:

Provide 3mm bleed

Taking page trimming into consideration, the PDF for the inner pages must include a 3mm bleed on all sides in addition to the page print size. Make sure that any colours and images extend into the 3mm bleed, so when trimming occurs there are no white edges.

Take into account a safety margin of 4mm

Make sure that any important text or logos are positioned at least 4mm in from the edge of the trimmed page size.

PDF files must be supplied in CMYK

Always use CMYK colour mode for text, logos, graphics. Pantone colours must always be converted to CMYK and RGB can only be used for photos. We have created special Job Options for Adobe programs. These are easy to download and install on Mac or Windows PC. The Job Options can be found in out downloads section on this page.

PDF files must be supplied at a minimum resolution of 240 DPI

To maintain sufficient detail and sharpness in a photo, a minimum resolution of 150 DPI is required in the original photo image placed in the design. As the DPI value increases, so does the sharpness and quality of the photo. The best results for photos range between 240-300 DPI.

Convert your fonts into letter outlines or embed them

Make sure fonts have been converted to "letter outlines" or embedded when exporting to a PDF file.

Provide a minimum font size of 6 pt

The minimum font size we recommend is 6 pt. This ensures that the letters are always legible.

Provide a minimum line width of 0.25 pt

The minimum line thickness is 0.25 pt, this is a dark line on a light background. Negative lines (light lines on a dark background) must be at least 0.5 pt thick. By adhering to the minimum line thickness, the lines are clearly visible on the end result.

Check your design for transparencies / overprint

Make sure there are no elements (text, logos, graphics, images) selected as “overprint” unless intended. How transparency appears depends on the ink / toner, the paper and printing or printing technique.