Softcover books

Softcover means as the word says that the book has a ‘soft cover’. These books have a soft cover making them lighter and more flexible, or manageable, than hardcover books. A flexible yet sturdy type of paperboard is used for the cover. Almost all reading books are produced as softcover, also known as paperbacks. A softcover book is less laborious to make versus a hardcover; this is also reflected in the price.

pros and cons
  • softcover
  • flexible
  • cheaper than a hardcover
  • light and easy to pack
  • less durable/wear-resistant
upward of € 5,93* alternative hardcover book upward of € 8,57*
  • ready to ship in 7 working days
  • different sizes
  • various types of paper
  • gloss and matt laminate
* based on A4 portrait book, 80 pages, 150 g/m 2 silk mc, gloss laminate