Book type
HardcoverMost popular
A5 portrait
A5 landscape
A4 portraitMost popular
A4 landscape
Square 210x210 mm
Square 290x290 mm
Different size

Number of inner pages

enter a multiple of 4 pages

Cover printing
Single sided full colour
Double sided full colour

Single sided foil printing
For instructions, see our artwork submission specifications
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For instructions, see our artwork submission specifications
Inner pages printing
Double sided black print only
Double sided full colourMost popular
Blank (no print)
Inner pages paper type
135 gsm silk mc
150 gsm silk mcMost popular
170 gsm silk mc
90 gsm bookwove
100 gsm woodfree offset
140 gsm woodfree offset
170 gsm silk mc absolute white
200 gsm silk mc absolute white Not in stock
Gloss laminate
Matt laminateMost popular
Linen laminate
Coloured endpapers
Choose a colour
Full colour printed
The endpapers are printed with their own design. 140 gsm woodfree offset is used for these endpapers.
Pressed endpapers
The first and last page of the inner pages are used as a endsheet and pasted into the cover.
Extra options
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Ribbon markers
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Quantity and price
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100 copies - per book € -
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