Sample copy

Ordering a book can be exciting! Is the chosen paper type and the print of your book exactly what you have in mind? At Bookadew we offer the possibility to receive a sample copy for free* before we start with the entire production of your books.

We produce one copy from your own files. This way you can view and assess a physical copy of your book with your own eyes.

The production time of a sample copy is 5 working days. After receiving the sample copy, we ask you to let us know by e-mail what you think of your copy.

Check your own book!

Happy? Then we will produce the entire print run.

Not happy? If there are still errors in the file or if you are not satisfied with, for example, the choice of paper, you can still make changes. The production time of the entire print run is then also 5 working days.

* A sample copy is free from an order of 50 books. Do you place an order with a smaller print run than 50 but still want to receive a sample copy first? This costs €50. Each additional sample-copy costs €50