Hardcover books

Hardcover literally means that the book has a ‘hard cover’. These books have a hard, protective cover with a spine of 2.25 mm thick cardboard. This sturdy, robust cover means they can take a beating and are very durable. The cover protects the interior against creases. Hardcover books have a luxurious look and are more durable than softcover books. In addition, they remain more open. This feature is certainly a must for a cookbook or photo book.

pros and cons
  • hardcover
  • Sustainable quality
  • Luxurious finish and appearance
  • wear-resistant
  • More expensive than soft cover
upward of € 8,57 alternative softcover book upward of € 5,93*
  • ready to ship in 7 working days
  • different sizes
  • various paper types
  • gloss and matt laminate
* based on A4 portrait book, 80 pages, 150 g/m 2 silk mc, gloss laminate